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We are here to support you and we have the right stuff for you.

Founded in 2009, UVA Marketing is all about passion. Though it was never a smooth sailing, only through hard work, persistency and hungry for success, UVA Marketing not only survived in the fierce competition on this island, it triumphs and continues its expansion over the years.

We believe quality wine & spirits comes from quality soil.

Managed by a team of young professionals, our mission is to bring in good quality wine to Singapore market at affordable price. Not only that, we respect the mother nature. In response to the concern of global warming, we think sustainable farming is the solution, hence we are phasing in organic & biodynamic wine and spirits.

Working closely with all business partners is the key to success.

To succeed in this competitive business environment, it is essential to work closely with all our business partners to understand the expectations, the constraints and more importantly, the opportunities to place the right products at the right places. Through our extensive sourcing network, we have proved that we always have the unique products for the customers. In addition, our sophisticated distribution network definitely maximized the opportunities for our suppliers to thrive in this market.

We are committed to provide uncompromising quality & services to our business partners. We are here to support you and we always have the right stuff for you.